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I AM A WRITER :iconpretentiouspie:PretentiousPie 0 0
S+R 02 Ant
Ants are probably one of the better-known insects in our world. Of the family formicidae, ants are considered to be pests, and possibly for a good reason. There are more than twelve thousand different species of ants, which means there are more than twelve thousand threats to our pantries. You can ask anyone residing in the suburbs—ants are a menace. But it’s overlooked that ants are completely spectacular. Their colonies are well-oiled, high functioning machines. Superorganisms, if you will. The colony knows how to work.
The dull light flooded from the city of angels, paving the way for its inhabitants. It was a bleak sunset, one that gave the whole of the city an eerie purple glow. Just another Friday night in Los Angeles, and it was only six o’clock. By eight o’clock, Kasen figured, there would be eight rapes, three kidnappings, and five murders. The way he saw it, the safest way to get to his destination was… well, he’d rather not go out.
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Salvador, Chapter 2
Johnny Hoskins was a good man. He used to loan me books and mike-stands (you know, when I was thirteen with pipe dreams of being the next Joe Strummer but couldn’t play a damned chord). He even got me a subscription to the Socialists Review. One day we were reading through the latest copy, and I was stumbling on the name of some country I couldn’t even pronounce. Something with an “an” sound at the end or something. But anyway, the article was about some lady that moved there all the way from New York and about the change and shit. It was bull shit. She moved there for some stupid hippie reason, like keeping the peace. I thought it was stupid. Of course there’s going to be a change.
Why wouldn’t there be?
But I was at the point in my life where I didn’t want things to change. I was happy whenever that old bastard went on one of his drunken stories about… whatever. I never really listened, but I was only fourteen, and it sure did kill a hell of a
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Salvador, Chapter 1
When I was young, I couldn’t wait to grow up.
After a while, I was dreading it. Unless of course, I could be just like him.
See, I had this neighbor, Johnny Hoskins. He was a bitter old fuck of a guy that drank and cussed like a sailor. My parents were idiots to let me hang around him.
I swear he lived through more shit than anyone else on the planet. Born sometime late in the forties, the dude had seen it all. The cold war, Vietnam, the hippie revolution, the punks when they tried to take over the city. He had literally seen it all. For a long time it felt like God entered the room whenever he walked in. I still don’t know why.
Johnny Hoskins was the kind of guy that didn’t give a rats’ ass about anything. He’d sit on his porch and spit at any lady walking by with her kid, only to get shouted at in Chinese. See, we lived in China Town. They all hated him, he said, because he’d been living there longer than any of those “damn immigrants” had. The
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Tres :iconpretentiouspie:PretentiousPie 1 0
I Have a Question...
when we let balloons go, or when they fly away, where do they go?
do they fade away?
do they get hit by planes or birds or whatever?
do the clouds eat them?
or are they crushed under the pressure?
do they make it out of the atmosphere, only to be destroyed by satelites?
what if they keep going?
and they go on and on, further out into space until they break free from our solar system and make it through the kaiper belt alive, out of the galaxy with an "au revoir" to the milky way, and deeper into the universe?
maybe a microscopic speck of dust, propelled by a nearby collision between two monstrous bodies of rock and ice, shoots through it and pops it.
and maybe then, after thousands upon millions of miles traveled between here and now, the helium wonders off into the universe to feed the dying stars residing around, giving all life another millisecond more to exist.
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Captivate :iconpretentiouspie:PretentiousPie 0 0 Salvador04 :iconpretentiouspie:PretentiousPie 0 0 Salvador03 :iconpretentiouspie:PretentiousPie 0 0 Salvador02 :iconpretentiouspie:PretentiousPie 1 0 SalvadorID :iconpretentiouspie:PretentiousPie 1 0 Hangover :iconpretentiouspie:PretentiousPie 0 0 Burst :iconpretentiouspie:PretentiousPie 1 3 FUCK. :iconpretentiouspie:PretentiousPie 0 1 I HAVE OTHER DEVIATIONS :iconpretentiouspie:PretentiousPie 17 5 Rainbow? :iconpretentiouspie:PretentiousPie 2 2

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Hannah E. Provance
United States
Favourite genre of music: fuck genres.
No no, it's April, May, June, strewn across a sternum all boney and skeletal. Don't worry, it's just another infatuation--another reminder of what's lurking over my shoulder. A reminder of why I have you. A reminder of why the hell I am what I am. A reminder that I am a scaly-wag of a drunk, a reminiscent bitch, a serpentine fagot, and a worlds worth of worry and wonder. Back to the ever dawning conclusion that it's not my fate in my hands when I think of Goldy-Locks. There's his, and ours, and theirs, all resting on my shoulders as always, wanting to be tied down and binded there with ink and blood, bound for all eternity.
That's the way we're gonna go.
Not through thought nor words nor catchy phrases--through ink and skin, ever bound. No tablets, no words I say, nothing to remove them.

Summer's coming 'round, and he knows how I get. All dreamy and sickening and detached. It's the one time of year I get to spend time with myself, and more importantly, with him. With them. All of them. It's not just me, myself and Ivan anymore. Nope. Now there's a third party, though I know he'd never dare intrude. I think he gets that they, above all, just about come first.  And it's not a matter of loving one over another, it's simply a matter of knowing that I love myself, which includes them.

Well, Butrine has stopped working. I'm almost certain of it. Before it, he was there. During it, they were there, though faded, like ghostly little fogs that spoke in pure emotion and gists. Now? Well, now they're stronger and more present than ever. A sleep over every night, a debate every time a song comes on, conflicting opinions over every fucking matter. They argue and bicker like a married couple.

It's been nearly a year since him. Nearly two since you. Nearly three since she lied to me. I'm ready to move on. Year after year, summer after summer, I sink. Be it into a bowl of kiwi, a cup of Jello, or a morbid and cliche glass of blood. (You still make me sick, you know that, right?) I sink. What's it this time? The sheets? The proper place, like someone's arms? Not someone's. His. Let that be it. Not the kitchen floor again, not the front door, and God help me if it's like 2K5. I'll die, I swear by it.

These people and thinks make up what I am. A trait for each, as it's not possible for people to just walk in and out of my life. They've got to change me. It's the law of the world, and if you think that's wrong, think again and shut up. Shut up before I give you a reason to change. God knows you need it, you ignorant little shit.

I am fucked, I am angry and I am a liar, I've been so alone and I've been so verging on the fall. But they've succeeded in catching me--the drunk and the depressed, and the Gray-Splotch. And you can bet that for all that I am fucked, for all the anger, and all the lies, I am proud. I'm proud of myself and I will not just stand back and let those that have hurt me sit and watch me wither away. Promise. I'll stand tall, as tall as the three of us can muster (because Lord knows I need compensation), and I will not let another person bring me down in such a way. No person two faced or wicked or person that can be smothered like a light.

It's happened for three summers past, and it will not be happening again. Trust me, those days won't be mourned.

Bring it on if you think otherwise.


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